Magazine Feature: Carolina Bride

We are so honored to be featured in the newest issue of Carolina Bride! Our bride, Jenny Flynn Schmidt, was featured on page 13 in an article about make-up called “Get Her Look” along with our very own ad featuring our bride, Alexa Waggoner:

One of our favorite couples, Dedria & Phillip, were featured in the Engagement section on page 16:

Erin & Shurn’s carnival themed wedding was featured in the “Wedding Story” section beginning on page 32:

Austin & Alexa’s wedding was included in the “Wedding Albums”on page 122:

We shot the photo for Lily Greenthumb’s ad on page 87 and last but not least, our very own wedding was featured in the “Business Spotlight” section on page 129:

Thanks again to the staff at Carolina Bride for supporting our photography!

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