Spotlight: Jim Pohlig

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Yesterday, Rachel and I visited with our friends, the Pohligs, in Waxhaw, NC. They live in a beautiful house tucked away in the woods. Recently they built a chapel to house Jim’s organ and Steinway piano. The piano dates back to 1913 and was rebuilt in Richmond, Virginia by Henry Dorflein around 1965. According to Jim, “Rebuilding in this case would mean a new soundboard and probably new action, and certainly a new pinblock–the very heavy, enormous beam of wood that holds all the tuning pins. Oh, and new strings, of course.”

The piano has much meaning for Jim beyond it’s aesthetic appeal. It has been in the family for over 40 years and still sounds and looks beautiful.

Jim Pohlig from Nathan Abplanalp on Vimeo.

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My Amazing Rachel

Nathan Abplanalp - Charlotte Wedding Photographer (9)
Ah me! The love of my life!

This is my fiancee, Rachel. We met almost a year ago to the day and I don’t think I can ever fully describe how much joy and wide-eyed wonderment I have felt from just having her at my side over this past year. Seriously, I know that it has been said a thousand times, but I never expected a gal like her to ever pick a guy like me. Go figure! We began dating in late March 2010 and I proposed on the 29th of January this year. There will be time to tell that story later though or if you must know now just contact me! If I am honest, I am a bit ashamed that it has taken me so long to do a real photo shoot with her!

It was very rainy last Saturday but I was bound and determined to get some great shots of my fabulous woman! Now it didn’t all go as planned believe me. I was very very picky about where I wanted to shoot it and as we drove around she would say, “How about here?” and I would respond, “No, it’s not right”. I may be silly, but when a place catches my eye and I feel right about it, it is time to shoot. What seemed like a year and about a hundred miles, lead us to a neighborhood with a plot of woods that had not been stripped away. Here is the result of great light, some rain drops, 10 minutes of shooting, and a gorgeous woman in a furry coat!

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