Vendor Spotlight: Lily Greenthumb’s Floral Artistry

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Enter Lily Greenthumb’s Floral Artistry! We’re delighted to feature this stunning business on our website this month. Not only are her arrangements inspired (see for a gallery) but she and her team are personal and genuinely interested.

Karen Greenoe, the lead designer, is unusual in the world of floristry because of her approach to clients. She feels that there is a gap between the current generation of brides and grooms and their floral designers. Her flower boutique bridges that gap. From selecting the exact flowers themselves—tropical orchids, bright chrysanthemums, roses of every shade, sweet gerbera daisies, white lilies, and a variety of other luscious blooms—the process continues to the arrangements themselves. This inspired young boutique takes the time to cater to the visionaries: the bride and groom.

Karen, alongside her assistant designer, Kristin, and their director of marketing, George, are dedicated to creating not only original masterpieces, but also to creating lasting relationships with their clients. Taking the time to tailor an arrangement to a client’s preferences, and remembering those preferences are what this company strives for. Like a personal travel agent or a tailor, Lily Greenthumb’s is a personal floristry. They don’t believe the loveliness should stop with the wedding. They see every occasion for flowers. Baby showers, christenings, parties, conferences—even special dinners. We love that Karen is a flower artist who takes the time to learn her clients’ taste and then always remembers their favorite flower.

They will be the featured florist in The Knot’s wedding giveaway in January 2012. And now—check out these gorgeous photos of Karen and her arrangements!

Contributions: S.E. Pohlig

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Community Spotlight: Phud Chambers

A pastor sitting in his office in rock hill sc

We are delighted to introduce our community spotlight for July! Meet Remedy Church and it’s pastor, John “Phud” Chambers. We have been attending Remedy Church in Rock Hill, SC for the past year. We aren’t quite sure where the nickname of “Phud” came from, that is the only way anyone knows who you are referring to at church!

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Remedy Church is only two and a half years old, but Phud and his wife, Christie, have been dreaming about it for much longer. Phud was called to be a pastor in 2006, but he felt that God wanted him to do more than to lead at an existing church. He knew that he was meant to plant a church. That’s a lot of work, if you haven’t guessed! Planting a church requires people, open hearts, cooperation, money, space, planning, praying—a lot of faith. Phud and Christie began holding services in their own home in 2008 and the next year, Remedy was launched in the Baptist Ministry building on Winthrop campus. For nine months the fledgling congregation met at Winthrop, after which it finally moved to a place of its own. They now meet in downtown Rock Hill, in a renovated space devoted to the arts.

Nathan Abplanalp - Charlotte Wedding PhotographerNathan Abplanalp - Charlotte Wedding Photographer

More interesting than the history of this young church is what they have become in their surrounding Rock Hill. The name Remedy references the healing of Christ for all people; that is what this church shows the people around them. They volunteer at local schools and gather school supplies for children who don’t have paper and pencils and backpacks. Members have created a community garden as well! There are different groups within the church who help in ways around the city as they feel called.

Nathan Abplanalp - Charlotte Wedding Photographer

In addition to their busy schedules running a church, Phud and Christie have four beautiful and energetic children, Jaycie, Charis, Aiden and Mackalla.

Nathan Abplanalp - Charlotte Wedding PhotographerNathan Abplanalp - Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Remedy is a young church, thrumming with life and passion. Simeon said, “I am waiting for the consolation of Israel.” The consolation is the healing of God’s chosen people and Remedy Church is doing God’s work.

Nathan Abplanalp - Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Contributions: S. E. Pohlig

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Spotlight: David Wimbish

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This is David Wimbish. He is a musician who lives in the Greensboro area in North Carolina and is a good friend. It always seems to take too long before Rachel and I are able to spend a day with them. Several weeks ago though we were able to do just that. David is one of those guys that just oozes talent, his humble demeanor will never let you on to how talented he is. Every time we hang out I see more and more how deeply music runs in his soul. His music is all his own but the thing that astounds me about David is the fact that he will readily welcome someone into it. His band is called “The Collection” and it truly is that. A collection of people who all form together to create this work of art that is David’s music.

David & The Collection on Facebook

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