Engagements: Zack and Sarah | Wing Haven Gardens

Charlotte NC Wedding Photographer - Nathan Abplanalp (1)

To round out this week, we have Zack and Sarah’s full blog post, these two were married last weekend in the midst of some of the rainiest weeks I have ever experienced in Charlotte. Luckily, I fear no weather so the wedding turned out amazing (photos from that coming soon). Their engagement session was full of light, laughter, and love, which is really a reflection on their relationship.

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Portraits: Masanotti Family | Charlotte, NC

Charlotte NC Wedding Photographer - Nathan Abplanalp (22)

I love family portraits. Being a father myself, I have come to enjoy photographing them even more. A family is one of the most precious things we can have and to be able to capture the interaction between parents and children is amazing. I find this doubly so with a newborn baby. Jay and Jess have been waiting for their own little one for many years and to see their faces light up with joy and adoration for their little girl is something that moved me very deeply. She is one that they have been praying and yearning for for so long that, to have that part of their lives fulfilled, not only brings a profound gladness to them but to those who know them dearly. Jay and Jess, congratulations on your little girl and thank you for allowing me to be there while you celebrated your newfound blessing.

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