The Cookie Cult | Charlotte, NC

Two men in small chairs

Are you searching for the world’s best cookie? Seeking confectionary enlightenment? There is a not so well kept secret circulating the Charlotte area that there is a baker with sugar in her fingertips, flour in her hair, and the ability to melt butter and hearts with her passion for the humble cookie. This week, you will be taken into her world. A world of where the most noble and pompous of us are brought to our knees in adoration of a circular pastry. Heed the call and join The Cookie Cult.

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Newborn: Petrino Family | Charlotte, NC

Mother and Father with newborn baby
Photographing photographers is always a tall order and though some may be a bit nervous to do so, I find it exhilarating as they know what will look good for the camera. The Petrinos of Charlotte Photography allowed me to photograph them and their newborn daughter Makenzie in their home. I feel that the photos of new parents interacting with their precious baby are so valuable to them as a family, more than just the posed (if not overposed) photos that we typically see on Pinterest of babies. I really enjoy capturing the genuine love and joy of new parents.

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