Nathan Abplanalp


Nathan AbplanalpCharlotte Wedding Photographer

I have always tried to see the beauty in everything. Live life with an upbeat attitude and a little humor thrown in for good measure. I love to be in those moments when all is right and you seem to have your own soundtrack. For me, a wedding is a compilation of everything that makes me tick.

Each wedding is a climactic event that is so beautiful, energetic and vibrant that I need to make it the very best that I have ever photographed. I am so tremendously honored to do what I do. At the end of every wedding, I feel like I have done something that is going to be so lasting and special for the couple I can hardly wait to show them the photos.

From my point of view, I get to see and photograph the tearful moment when a father sees his daughter in her wedding gown, a couple’s first kiss and when a groom holds his bride close during their first dance – there is nothing in the world like these moments.