Portrait: Jennifer | Charlotte, NC

Charlotte NC Wedding Photographer - Nathan Abplanalp (1)
Fashion may go out of style, but style never goes out of fashion. I am positive that I did not coin that phrase, but it speaks to a greater truth about fashion. It is all how you wear it. Do you wear it with style and grace, or do you do it for the mere attention you will receive? When it is honest people will get it, when it is ostentatious, people can tell.

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Portrait of a Musical Mind

Charlotte Fine Art Wedding Photographer - Nathan Abplanalp (4)

My thoughts have always wandered to what defines a person and makes them unique. What is the character that lives beneath the skin. Portraiture is a study in that sentiment. Seeking an inner being through a relationship with the subject in order to convey a bit of their soul in a photograph. Strength, humor, wit, or wisdom, whatever the quality, a photograph must show more than just a face. I find a musician to be a particularly intriguing subject. Their mastery of an instrument and lyrical prowess is a skill that I have much desired yet been unable to fulfill. They have a way of viewing the world that lends itself to making truths into tunes and memories into melodies.

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The Unknown

Charlotte Fine Art Wedding Photographer

When I lived in Colorado, exploration was a daily task. I have always dealt with a wanderlust of sorts, and that state gave me the ability to scratch that itch in spades. A vast state with rolling hills, jagged mountains and weather that is as temperamental as my own moods. Such a diverse landscape provided hours of driving and exploration. So off I would go in my ’92 4Runner, to see what there was to see. One of my favorite places to walk and explore was Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. The rock formations were beautiful to behold at a distance and even grander to sit on be a part of. What struck me most about these massive red stones reaching skywards was their texture. They were jagged yet full of sharp angles and textures and greatly reminded me of Mediterranean Cypress trees with their overall smooth and stately look. I would often go and sit or walk there in the evening and as the sun dipped low over the Rockies in the west, it’s red soft light wrapped gracefully around the jagged edges and set the rocks ablaze. I would stay there until the sun had set and a cold breeze rolled in. While walking out I would the rocks would seem more imposing somehow as if they were closing in for the night like a flower. I miss that place and the fact that even the tourist areas were still a little bit wild and dangerous.

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