Chapman Family Photos at Westminster Park

Family stands under trees in Westminster Park, Rock Hill, SC

The Chapmans are some of our closest friends. We met them six years ago when they hired us to shoot their wedding sight unseen and have since become a family that we cherish as confidants and have grown with. Richard, their son, is a great friend and playmate to our daughter Cassia, Erin is practically a sister to my wife Rachel (and one of the most talented makeup artists I have ever met: Erin Ashley) and Shurn is well, Shurn, one of the hardest working beard sporting individuals I have met who truly enjoys and loves his family. I am always honored to photograph people that I love as I aim to capture their spirit in the photos I take and having a close relationship with them allows me greater access. We chose to do their family photos in Westminster Park in Rock Hill as it is a picturesque wooded area that is serene and offers plenty of awesome locations to shoot.

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One Frame: Parc de Sceaux | Sceaux, France

Charlotte Wedding Photographer | Nathan AbplanalpThere is a park in France that captures my heart. To gaze upon it is a delight and to walk in it excites a tranquility to my soul. A venerable palace for my being. This is a place that has been hundreds of years in the making. The creating, aging, and settling are all part of the process that makes it grand. The time is what makes it special. A cornucopia of grass, water, and trees. The finely manicured hedges and purposeful placement of each plant makes my heart sing. Their rigid lines and geometric shapes praising man’s dominion over nature. It is wilderness on our terms.

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New Years 2011 in Boston

Nathan Abplanalp - Charlotte Portrait Photography (9)

Nathan and I always love an adventure and decided to make our first New Year’s celebration a bit more exciting than last year’s, so we extended our Christmas trip to spend New Year’s Eve in Boston. My sister and brother-in-law live on the beautiful North Shore of Boston in Beverly. They are literally 2 blocks from the beach!

We got to hang out with their pup, Charlie, do some shopping and catch a concert or two. My brother-in-law’s brother and long time friend of mine, Zak, along with another long time friend and sister, Lindsay, and her son, Ezra, joined us for our ventures into the city. Ezra is the sweetest and most chill baby I’ve ever met. We had a blast with everyone and can’t wait to see everyone again (soon)!

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