the power of anticipation

Charlotte Wedding Photographer - Nathan Abplanalp (1)

What happens next, what led them here. The master photographers know that anticipation is one of the strongest elements you can insert into your photographs. It is the question that the photograph asks you yet never fully answers. The anticipation for resolution. I think that all great photographs have some form of anticipation in them. This is why, in wedding photography, the moment before the kiss is often far more impactful than the photo of the actual kiss. It is a crescendo of emotions and movement that create a visually dynamic image.

Other photographs include it in a much more subtle way. By carefully crafting the idea in your mind you can create a photograph that creates anticipation with spontaneity. This photograph was created for a Ballet inspired fashion shoot for Charlotte Wedding Magazine. It was a spontaneous thought that I had to showcase the back of the custom dress made by Caden Couture. Obscuring the model’s face and having her pose in a manner that leans to one side created a sense of anticipation as if she is waiting for something or someone with eagerness.

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Quality vs. Quantity

We’ve all heard it before – as companies venture out and grow, they do have to decide if it will be quality verses quantity or vise versa. We had some dear friends over for dinner last night, who just happen to be another husband and wife team of photographers here in Charlotte. We were talking about life and what was new and eventually our conversation steered towards our photography bookings. It’s been something that Nate and I have discussed – if we should set a limit or just shoot, shoot, shoot. So many photographers (and other occupations) view success on the amount of sessions or weddings they book, but is that really success? Is success being so strapped for time that you don’t enjoy the shoot, you get lazy on locations and one shoot looks like another? Yes, you may pull in more money and own the market in your price point, but all you want to do is pull your hair out and every task seems like a mountain to crawl over. Small business is hard in general, but why make it harder on yourself?

It’s better to grow your business slow and steady, approach each potential client with care and thought – don’t just accept them as a client because they have a check ready for you, and figure out how many weddings/sessions you require to make a healthy living and enough to continue improving your skills and equipment. Make a decision for you, your family and your business – Quantity or Quality (of Life)


ps: That little cutie is one of my best friend’s little girl, Annie. I absolutely adore her – she calls us Rachel and Neat:)


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Wedding Tip: Selecting Your Wedding Date

Save the Date in Rock Hill SC

It’s all too fresh in my memory. Last fall, before we were engaged Nate and I talked about when we’d like to get married. We knew we had to plan ahead and block out date or else someone would book us for their own wedding. We both loved September, so that narrowed down the possibilities. Nate’s brother and sister-in-law got married on 03.04.05 and I thought it’d be rather amusing if we did the same play on the date and snagged 09.10.11.

After scouring the web for a venue that was thought would supply the best light for photography, I wound up with a big ZERO. No one was available on 09.10.11. Completely booked! It was back to the drawing board. I must admit, I was very sad – I had my heart set on September 10th, but I quickly realized that I would have to make a compromise somewhere in this wedding planning journey.

I began to search for venues that captured our eyes and would capture great photos. I not-so-secretly believe that Nate wanted an easy way to remember our wedding date and that is why he  suggested we look for a venue in my home state of Vermont. Once we agreed to see what Vermont had to offer, I called my mom and she was beside herself in excitement. She knew exactly where we should be married and sure enough, 09.10.11 was ours to keep!

With all of this said, be open to dates for your wedding. Have one date you love and one back-up in case your favorite venue or photographer is not available!



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