Portrait of a Musical Mind

Charlotte Fine Art Wedding Photographer - Nathan Abplanalp (4)

My thoughts have always wandered to what defines a person and makes them unique. What is the character that lives beneath the skin. Portraiture is a study in that sentiment. Seeking an inner being through a relationship with the subject in order to convey a bit of their soul in a photograph. Strength, humor, wit, or wisdom, whatever the quality, a photograph must show more than just a face. I find a musician to be a particularly intriguing subject. Their mastery of an instrument and lyrical prowess is a skill that I have much desired yet been unable to fulfill. They have a way of viewing the world that lends itself to making truths into tunes and memories into melodies.

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Spotlight: David Wimbish

Nathan Abplanalp - Charlotte Wedding Photographer (8)

This is David Wimbish. He is a musician who lives in the Greensboro area in North Carolina and is a good friend. It always seems to take too long before Rachel and I are able to spend a day with them. Several weeks ago though we were able to do just that. David is one of those guys that just oozes talent, his humble demeanor will never let you on to how talented he is. Every time we hang out I see more and more how deeply music runs in his soul. His music is all his own but the thing that astounds me about David is the fact that he will readily welcome someone into it. His band is called “The Collection” and it truly is that. A collection of people who all form together to create this work of art that is David’s music.

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