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What can I say about this place? It is a landscape of precision and beauty. One of a natural sort that has been tamed with shears and patience. Nature that has been bent to the will of man through the only means we have, time.  I find it interesting that though we try our hardest to make things the way we want them to be as quickly as possible, the best and most lasting solution is time. The journey of photography is not dissimilar to the creation of a garden. It is a slow and arduous process. One that takes so much time and energy, and constant upkeep to maintain. A lifelong process to make something beautiful.

Charlotte Wedding Photographer | Nathan AbplanalpThere is a park in France that captures my heart. To gaze upon it is a delight and to walk in it excites a tranquility to my soul. A venerable palace for my being. This is a place that has been hundreds of years in the making. The creating, aging, and settling are all part of the process that makes it grand. The time is what makes it special. A cornucopia of grass, water, and trees. The finely manicured hedges and purposeful placement of each plant makes my heart sing. Their rigid lines and geometric shapes praising man’s dominion over nature. It is wilderness on our terms.

Charlotte Wedding Photographer - Nathan Abplanalp