Alana and Trevor

Ann Springs Close Greenway

Ann Springs Close Greenway is a great location I have shot at many times over the years. A sprawling area of trails, fields, barn buildings, and forests. So when Trevor and Alana asked for suggestions on the location for their engagement shoot, Ann Springs fit what they were looking for perfectly. I remember meeting Trevor when he was 13 years old when him and I were both on the same skateboard ministry team. He was one of the wildest people I had ever met and had an insatiable thirst for Coca Cola and skateboarding, to the point where both were wrecking his body. Soon afterwards I met Alana as her and Trevor began dating. The skateboard team has since dissolved, Trevor has slowed down on the soda intake before it dissolved him, and both Trevor and Alana have been together through it all. I am blessed to know both of them and see them grow together.