the power of anticipation

Charlotte Wedding Photographer - Nathan Abplanalp (1)

What happens next, what led them here. The master photographers know that anticipation is one of the strongest elements you can insert into your photographs. It is the question that the photograph asks you yet never fully answers. The anticipation for resolution. I think that all great photographs have some form of anticipation in them. This is why, in wedding photography, the moment before the kiss is often far more impactful than the photo of the actual kiss. It is a crescendo of emotions and movement that create a visually dynamic image.

Other photographs include it in a much more subtle way. By carefully crafting the idea in your mind you can create a photograph that creates anticipation with spontaneity. This photograph was created for a Ballet inspired fashion shoot for Charlotte Wedding Magazine. It was a spontaneous thought that I had to showcase the back of the custom dress made by Caden Couture. Obscuring the model’s face and having her pose in a manner that leans to one side created a sense of anticipation as if she is waiting for something or someone with eagerness.

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