Engagements: Zac & Emily | Charlotte, NC

Charlotte NC Wedding Photographer - Nathan Abplanalp (31)
Zac has been a friend of mine for the last couple years since I photographed the band he is the bassist for, Bruised But Not Broken. He might be the happiest and most passionate person I have ever met in my whole life and it really shows with his love for Emily. He is all about her. Emily is such a compliment for Zac. She is sweet, has great style, and a mean artistic streak. They wanted their engagement photos to be taken in a natural setting that was not ostentatious or overly dramatic (at least from the photos standpoint). With a simple backdrop and them both being very willing subjects, we set out to let our ideas run free. I am so very pleased to be their photographer and their complete trust really shows though in how genuine they are in these photos. Thank you Emily and Zac!

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