The Cookie Cult | Charlotte, NC

Two men sitting in little chairs sipping tea for The Cookie Cult in Charlotte NC

Charlotte NC Photographer (17)
Working with Jessie, of The Cookie Cult, was a highlight of this year. She is so open to crazy ideas and brings her own to the table as well. This collaborative shoot was inspired not only by the name of her company but by the very passion and fanciful quirkiness that she brings to her baked goods. With models, props, open minds and a bunch of cookies, we set out to make a collection of images that blends both the immediate stereotypes of the word “cult” with the whit and whimsy of a company and leader who does not lack humor in their image. You can say she is mad about cookies and let me tell you, she will make you mad as well. Her baking prowess and image that she has created has made her one to watch in Charlotte and the Carolinas.

Twitter: @thecookiecult
Instagram: thecookiecult

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