Chapman Family Photos at Westminster Park

Family stands under trees in Westminster Park, Rock Hill, SC

The Chapmans are some of our closest friends. We met them six years ago when they hired us to shoot their wedding sight unseen and have since become a family that we cherish as confidants and have grown with. Richard, their son, is a great friend and playmate to our daughter Cassia, Erin is practically a sister to my wife Rachel (and one of the most talented makeup artists I have ever met: Erin Ashley) and Shurn is well, Shurn, one of the hardest working beard sporting individuals I have met who truly enjoys and loves his family. I am always honored to photograph people that I love as I aim to capture their spirit in the photos I take and having a close relationship with them allows me greater access. We chose to do their family photos in Westminster Park in Rock Hill as it is a picturesque wooded area that is serene and offers plenty of awesome locations to shoot.

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The Cookie Cult | Charlotte, NC

Charlotte NC Photographer (17)
Working with Jessie, of The Cookie Cult, was a highlight of this year. She is so open to crazy ideas and brings her own to the table as well. This collaborative shoot was inspired not only by the name of her company but by the very passion and fanciful quirkiness that she brings to her baked goods. With models, props, open minds and a bunch of cookies, we set out to make a collection of images that blends both the immediate stereotypes of the word “cult” with the whit and whimsy of a company and leader who does not lack humor in their image. You can say she is mad about cookies and let me tell you, she will make you mad as well. Her baking prowess and image that she has created has made her one to watch in Charlotte and the Carolinas.

Twitter: @thecookiecult
Instagram: thecookiecult

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